I’m a 30 year old lawyer, wife and mother of a 1 year old, living in London but dreaming of other worlds across the pond.

Despite being the world’s most difficult eater for all of my childhood, I now love cooking, and spend a lot of time thinking about food, creating and adapting recipes, and trying to feed my family in between working and fitting in life’s other essentials – reading, writing, exercise, and, um, Facebook, Ruzzle, TV.

Join me on my journey of discovery to new and exciting tastebud ticklers.

Just one thing though – there will be no cooked cheese.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Firstly i want to compliment your delicious chicken spinach recipe. I wanted to express my disappointment reading your bashing of Royal Garden restaurant. In all means speaking Lason Harah about someones business is jn my eyes unexcusable. Secondly as everyone knows kosher restaurants are very scarce and the ones that exist we are thankful to have. I grew up next to Royal Garden and went there weekly with my family during my whole childhood. Today i am a mother of 3 living in Israel and whenever i am home visiting my folks we go to dine at Royal Garden. In my opinion it is by far one of the better chinese kosher restaurants i have eaten at in Israel London and in the USA. Obviously others think alike as it has been in business over 25 years!!! So next time think twice about bashing another person’s business.
    Shabbat Shalom.

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